Thursday, February 19, 2015

Samsung 840 series SSD after 2 years and 2 months

The warranty for my Samsung 840 series 250GB SSD has run out. It was purchased in December of 2012 and since it has TLC flash, Samsung only granted a warranty period of 3 years. Usually, you would get about 5 years for SSDs with regular MLC flash.

But does that mean the drive is close to die? Far from it! Despite the low number of erase cycles supported (1000 per flash cell) by the flash on these drives before they are unable to m, they are good hundreds of terabytes, or even thousands all thanks to the wear leveling employed by the controller.

In my case though, I am nowhere near hundreds of terabytes. In fact, I haven’t even crossed 10TB!!! As per Samsung SSD Magician, as of today, the total bytes written to the drive is only 9.89TB.

840 small

Samsung SSD Magician info


SSDLife Pro info

That’s over a 2 year period. Sure, this would have significantly changed if this is the only drive in my PC. But I hardly store data on the SSD. That’s what I use the HDDs for. To be frank, the HDDs are getting quite a beating almost every day because of the frequent downloads and gameplay video recordings.

If you are wondering why I am only using 44GB of the 250GB SSD, that’s because I only have one game installed. Yes, you guessed it right. Only Crysis 3, because that is the game I love the most.

So there you have it. If you were worried about how much data you would usually write over a long period of time, especially you have a desktop PC and HDD for storing data, you probably don’t need to upgrade for a while.

Here are some benchmark scores as of today. (You can compare with the original results here)





Note: The scores actually look better than the fresh drive. This could be due to the difference in AHCI driver.

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