Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Decided to buy a portable battery charger for my Nexus 5

portable battery charger nexus 5

Image courtesy of this video from wwjoshdew

When I bought the Nexus 5, one of the biggest concerns I had was about the battery life. Lollipop was supposed to improve it but it didn't. Couple of days I ran out of juice before getting back home after work.

But after that I removed couple of apps that were using a lot of battery life, specifically ones that were constantly monitoring location. Furthermore, I decided to disable location services altogether when I was at work and enable it when I was leaving the office place. This made my phone last a full day without any issue. I would have about 30% or not battery life remaining by the time I got home. So I could delay the purchase of a portable battery charger further into the future.

But couple of events occurred during the last week that made me change my mind.

First event happened over the weekend when we went on shopping in Musashi Mizonokuchi. Since we went there after noon, I had used up a considerable amount of battery and there was no time for me to charge the phone. This the battery went dead while we were shopping. When I said shopping, I meant shopping for clothes and that means I'm hardly entertained during that period. (I usually use internet shopping when I shop for gadgets.) If my kid was awake, I could have had fun with him but he was also asleep during that time and I didn’t want to wake him up because he would have started crying if he didn’t get enough sleep. And these clothing shops are so terrible, that they don’t facilitate for the husbands who don’t give a rat’s ass about shopping for clothes but paying benches to sit on. Fine, if I had a phone with me as I would have found a way to entertain myself.

And on Monday, I came home with a flu, and my Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 wireless headset‘s battery died during the lunch hour. The flu didn’t have anything to do with it, though, that was really depressing as I couldn’t use the phone during commute as my head was aching. Luckily for me, I managed to find a seat, and I took a nap – and almost missed my destination. This is not the first time I had forgotten to charge the headset after coming back home from work. I charge the phone without mistakes while I sleep and there is only one micro USB charger cable on the desk because I don’t feel like having a lot of  wires on the desk. My son loves wires!!!

After these two back to back events, I decided to buy a mobile charger, because they didn’t appear to be that expensive. (I should have bought one in the first place when I had the iPhone 5S where I bought a cheap 3rd party Lightning Cable to charge the phone from the office PC, but I never thought of moving to Android at that time.)

Intrigued about which charger I bought? I will write about it soon.

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