Saturday, February 21, 2015

One Drive 100 GB upgrade for existing Dropbox users?


Yesterday there were reports all over the internet saying that Microsoft was offering 100GB of free OneDrive cloud storage for one year if you are currently a Dropbox user. Their plan is to get you off Dropbox and hook you up with their services. I don't know what would happen after the 1 year. They might prompt you to pay for it if we wish to continue using their services. But I do not intend to subscribe so I'll have to move the data off of it before the deadline, which I hope would be reminded to me when it getting near.

I headed down to the offer link and tried signing up with the offer. Unfortunately, it was a failure.

The first time was tried on my Nexus 5. Thinking that could be the issue, I tried it on my Desktop PC as well, and that did not change the result.


To confirm that you are an existing Dropbox user, Microsoft is sending you a PDF file which needs to be saved in your Dropbox account. By default, it would create a folder called Saves and put the file in that folder. However I got an error at that point and there wasn’t any further information on how to resolve the issue.

Assuming that the problem was with the folder creation process, I instructed it to save the file to an existing folder, which did not have any impact on the result.

Initially, the reports were saying that it was an offer to people living in the US, people in the UK also has claimed that they got their 100 GB. I'm living in Japan, so there is a good chance that this offer isn't available for us. But what I do not understand is why the file save step would fail. I doubt that say that point Microsoft knows that I'm not in the US. Or it could be a security strong that is preventing me from doing this. Perhaps I should make another Dropbox account and try it with that one.


I actually had another Dropbox account, which I had forgotten I created. I logged into it from the phone and tried the same process once again. And to my amazement, it worked fine for that account. I just don’t know why it failed for my main account. Probably logging out of it and logging back in could have fixed it. I do have few other Microsoft Live accounts, but I do not feel like trying it out again. All I know is that this offer is definitely not restricted to US.


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