Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Finally bought a case for my Nexus 5

Rugged Impact Hybrid Hard Kickstand Case CoverEver since I bought my first iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, I had a case covering the fragile body of every iPhone. I have dropped phones, even right in the middle of the road while crossing it. But I am yet to get any of them damaged. In fact, I recently checked how my iPhone 5S was doing, which was protected by an iFace case (you can read about it here), and it was in impeccable condition.

When I bought the Nexus 5, I saw it having a screen protector kind of cover over the screen, but it had the text “nexus5” written right in the middle of it. Otherwise, it was a decent shield for the screen. At first I did not think I would need a case for the phone because of the polycarbonate body, but I plan on holding on to this phone for a while and I did not want to get it damaged in the event of an accident. So I decided to look for a case.

Case in the local Japanese market are quite expensive. But my friend Michael recommended me the case that he had on his Nexus 5, which could be bought from eBay at a very low price. (Click here to see it on eBay) However, at first I wasn’t moved by it – it looked bulky and not elegant at all. It had an in-built kick-stand, which wasn’t very concealing. However, after few thoughts, I decided to buy the case as it was only about $3.20. The only issue was the long wait. It would take 2 to 4 months to arrive, and I had to keep the phone out of harm’s way until then. The case was supposed to come with a screen protector as well, so it was a sick deal. Shipping was also free.

Since I did not think my wife would like the design at all, I decided to order just one for the moment. And I ordered the black model.

Yesterday it arrived, in a not so nice packaging. I quickly removed the stock screen protector (finally, I could see the whole screen!) and applied the one that came with the case. It wasn’t thick, so I doubt it would do much “protecting” in the event of an accident.

The case wasn’t as bulky looking as the photos suggested. It certainly added a lot of weight to the phone, but I like the extra weight. The Nexus 5 was too light for me. I just wish that the cause of the extra weight was a larger size battery, which the Nexus 5 - especially with the Lollipop update - really needs. In addition to that, the case made the phone larger as well. At 4.95” screen size, it was already quite big for me, as I had gotten used to the size of the iPhone 5S. While you might be able to argue about one handed usability with bare phone, I find it impossible with the case on, especially when typing, even with Swype. However, the biggest issue I currently am having with the case is that the grip isn’t as good as the grip with it the bare body. It probably has to do with the extra size, but I guess that it will not be a problem once I get used to it.


There is also another slight issue with the case. Since it covers the whole body, including the hardware buttons, it is very difficult to press them in a hurry. It would probably get easier with time though.

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