Saturday, April 5, 2014

[Gadget] My G602 mouse is here


The G602 mouse that I only paid $29 for (OMG!) arrived day before yesterday but I hardly got any chance to play some games with it that day. But last night I did some gaming – like 15 minutes.So let me tell you my initial feelings about it.

There was one major concern. This is a wireless mouse. So input lag will be higher compared to a wired mouse. But I didn’t feel that was the case at all. The mouse was quite responsive. I didn’t feel any lag. Maybe pro gamers can feel the difference. I’m more than a casual gamer and I didn’t feel it was slow. However, I used the “Performance” mode which improves responsiveness sacrificing battery life. (Yet, the mouse supports 250hrs of non-stop gaming battery life).

But there are few features missing from the G500. I really liked the layout of the G500. The thumb buttons were easy to use – as there were only three. The G602 has six thumb buttons. However I remember when I switched from the G5 to the G500, it was a bit hard at first due to the extra thumb button. The G5 had only two. So you can understand how hard it would be to get used to six thumb buttons.

Another thing I miss is free scrolling. The G500 has a button that can let you scroll the scroll wheel without any resistance. It is quite handy when you want to get to the top and the bottom of long web pages. Instead of the free scroll lock, now there is a button to select the operating mode. “Endurance” or “Performance”.

I also had uses for the tilt action of the Scroll Wheel. I used it to switch between tabs in Chrome and weapon reloading in games, but now I have to remap that functionality to the top row of the thumb buttons. It definitely needs some getting used to. But on the other hand, press of the scroll wheel is not very solid and tactile. With the tilt actin, it was very flimsy. So it is not a total loss.

The mouse has a sensor (that uses a technology called Delta Zero™ sensor technology) with a maximum of 2500DPI resolution. The G500 had a 5700DPI sensor. But it doesn't mean the G602 is a slouch. You don't really need to use a high DPI. I used 1500DPI with the G500. Same with the G602. I don't want to change the DPI on the fly either. I set it to 1500DPI and remapped the DPI changing buttons to keyboard buttons.

It will take some time before I'm completely comfortable using the mouse but the initial experience is not a bad one. Ideally I would have liked to see the same button layout as the G500 in there as that would require zero learning curve. But G500 had so many issues (I'm with my 3rd replacement unit or 4th mouse) so maybe they had to do a complete overhaul to fix it including a layout change.

Now I have to thing about what I'm going to do with my old G500 mouse: sell it or keep it as a backup mouse.

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