Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Plantronics Backbeat GO2 headset died...?

Few of days ago on the way back home from work, I called my wife asking if I had to bring home any grocery from the supermarket. While I was in the middle of the call, suddenly the call dropped. I thought the call got disconnected (happens very often with iPhones), but it seemed that the Bluetooth headset had been unpaired from the phone. 

I kept holding the power button of the headset, but it didn’t turn on. I thought it was weird because usually the girl's voice in the headset would have told me that the battery was about die. But I couldn't remember she telling me that the battery level even went down to medium. About 2hrs of listening time remains even after reaching medium battery levels. It seemed as if the battery just had a fatal heart attack.

As soon as I went back home, I plugged the headset to the charger. To my surprise, the charging indicator didn't light up. The LED indicator lights up in orange when the headset is being charged and changes to blue once it becomes fully charged. But it showed nothing! Seemed like the headset was dead!!

Man, that was a bad start to the Sinhala New Year. I couldn't live without the headset so I quickly emailed Dospara (the shop that I bought the headset from) about this and demanded a replacement.

So I had to go back to the crappy Apple EarPods. It didn't take me more than 10 seconds to feel how pathetic EarPods were. They hardly fit in my ears. They fall off even when I’m walking. And the wire is so restrictive and cumbersome. It felt like going back to the stone age. I missed my wireless headset so badly.

I didn't get a response from Dospara until later the next day. But at last they replied and they said, "yes there seems to be a problem with the headset and we'll have to bring it in for repairs." Repairs, they said!!! When it was still in its warranty period. The first impression wasn't great.

The mail further gave me a link to check the RMA procedure. After reading that, I felt that I should never buy anything from them again. I have to bear the cost of shipping and I have no idea about the return charges. It might take 1 to 3 months to get back then item if they have to send it to the manufacturer. Sucks! If this was Amazon, it would have been so quick. And remember the legendary Logitech support? I've written about that many times. I wish they made more stuff for PCs.

Disappointed by the situation, I wanted to give another shot at charging the headset. I didn't expect anything to happen really. Just wanted to check it out since it was on the computer desk. To my amazement and utmost happiness, the charging LED came on. OMG!! Unbelievable. It's risen from the dead.

Well, it wasn't conclusive yet. I had to see if it really worked. I let it charge for like 5 minutes and quickly turned it on to see if the iPhone would pair with it. It did. And I checked playing a podcast and it worked too. Perfect. Everything was back to normal.

I haven't replied to Dospara's email yet. I'm wondering if I should. Until this day I didn't care much about warranty. I didn't think anything would go bad within the warranty period. Besides, that's why I didn't think too much when buying the Qnix QX2710 display from eBay. But I will be more concerned about this in the future.

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