Saturday, April 26, 2014

[Rant] Got rid of the Corsair TX850 power supply through Rakuten Auctions


Look at all those cables! That's what you get with a non-modular big PSU. That won't fit in a small form factor chassis. So I decided to replace the PSU with a modular, smaller and a more efficient PSU. How did It try to get rid of it? My newly found friend - Rakuten Auctions.

After being on exhibition for many days on the auction page, my Corsair TX850 (the original edition) power supply unit found a bidder. My original price for the PSU was JPY7,000. But since nobody bothered to bid for it for a period of a week, I dropped the starting price to JPY6,000. Even then, nobody bid for it for few days. I had lost hope.

But one day, someone did. For a moment I thought it was time to do a research on PSUs available in the Japanese market. That meant, heading over to my trusty site – Originally, I was smack bang set on the Silverstone ST60-PS PSU because of its smaller size but the price of it went up a bit making it not so appealing anymore.

I indeed did a research on power supplies, but that is for a separate article. This post is about the auction.

So, like I said, someone bid for my PSU. I wanted to check the background of this buyer just to know if this might go through as a successful sale. He didn't have any rating. In fact, he had one negative score. That was because he had cancelled one bid. He had won a bid and not paid for the item. So I wasn't sure if this would really go through. Hence I stopped the research for now. I decided to continue from where I stopped once he's paid for it. I have a week to ship the item. That's enough time to finish the research and buy a new PSU. Besides, there aren’t a lot of PSUs that would fit in my budget and other requirements.

This guy bid with about 9hrs to go before the auction was concluded. I checked the price about 1hr before the conclusion but price had not changed. I only really wanted to see someone else as the highest bidder. It wasn’t for the money. I just wanted to get this done. JPY6,000 was fine, especially when you cannot just sell it to a shop for any price, but just wanted for it to go through.

When I checked the price about 15 minutes before the conclusion, I saw a change. It was a good change. The current highest bid was at JPY7,050 and the bidder was the same person who bought my fan controller few days ago. So I knew that I had found a legitimate buyer. And I was even happier to see that the price had broken the JPY7,000 mark. That’s more than the price I originally wanted to sell it.

But I was confused as to how the value of the bid was at JPY7,050. It seemed there were only 3 bids, at JPY6,000, JPY7,000 and JPY7,050. But you could only bid in increments of JPY250. You shouldn't be able to bid at JPY7,050 when the previous highest bid was at JPY7,000. And why would someone bid at JPY7,000 when he could bid at JPY6,250? I suspect that the person who bid at JPY7,000 was the same person who bid for JPY6,000. Must be a fun loving jerk.

I don't really want to think about it much because the auction concluded at JPY7.050.


It was then time for me to continue the research on available PSUs in the Japanese market. That's for another post.

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