Monday, March 31, 2014

[Rant] Ordered the Logitech G602 wireless mouse!!!


Few months ago, I wanted to buy the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse. This is the best wireless mouse to date, with very little input lag over a wired mouse. But the mouse costs about $70 in Japan. That's still cheaper than the US price which is about $80. However, I also have some points at Sofmap, so I could have bought it at about $15 using all the points. But even then, I felt I could use those points to buy something else - like a graphics card. I still monitored the prices for months from but didn’t see it drop below JPY6,700. So I gave up the idea.

Until today, that is.

I was going to take a shower and I got an email. I checked it from the phone. The email was from . It said that the lowest reported price of the Logitech G602 mouse that I was monitoring has gone down. I thought it would be something like $1 or 2. But no, it was all the way down to $39 (or JPY3,980). No way I was not going to jump on this deal. I quickly went into the website of the store that was selling the mouse to confirm the price. Sometime glitches on can cause these. But this time it was legitimate. I quickly decided to buy the mouse.

Wait. There’s more.

If you register with the website, they were giving an additional discount worth of JPY1,000. And, the shipping, which usually amounts for JPY400 for this mouse, if totally free for the time being.

awesome deal!

Click to enlarge (Price at the top, JPY1,000 discount in the middle and free delivery notice at the bottom)

This was an amazing deal. I could have the mouse for only JPY2,980. No way that was real. I wondered if the company was going bankrupt or something. But the other products were at their usual price. It’s only this mouse that was amazingly cheap. I would never know why, but hopefully I will get my mouse. So I placed the order and got the confirmation email from them. They say that they ship the items within 2 working days so hopefully will get it by Thursday. Sooner, if I’m lucky. Can’t wait to welcome the second gadget I bought this year, first being this one – again a great deal. I love’s price monitoring.

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