Monday, August 4, 2014

Bought my new case for the SFF build

Now that I have finally found a buyer for my old case, it was now time to search for a good deal on a small case. I had been getting ready to buy one particular case: the Silverstone Sugo SG10. It is just the perfect case for the job; very small but supports Micro ATX boards and decent sized CPU coolers. I actually had bought all of the parts that I planned to put inside it and had been using them inside the old case until now.
  • The CPU cooler is the Silverstone HE01 which is a perfect fit for this case. (link to article)
  • The motherboard is the Maximus VII Gene which is pretty much the highest end Micro ATX board you can buy. (link to article)
  • The PSU is a 80Plus Gold rated Corsair HX650 which is modular and a modular PSU is essential to be used with this case. (link to article)

The case was the last piece of the puzzle. And that last piece is just a matter of finding a store that sold it at a reasonable price. (Well, it is not the absolute last piece, because I want to buy at least a GXT 870 when they come out to replace my aging GTX 670.)

As soon as the auction got confirmed, I went online in search for the best deal for the SG10 out there. To my disappointment, all of them were going for an outrageous JPY15,000 or more.  I was not willing to pay that much for the case. I had to look for something else.
Actually, the SG10 is not my only option. There is the SG09, the predecessor of the SG10, which could be bought for much cheaper than the newer model. I managed to find a store that sold the SG09 for JPY10,980 with free shipping. The same store was selling the SG10 for JPY14,880, but it was still a bit too steep. Thus I decided to go ahead with the old model and ordered it to arrive on the next day.
What would I be missing by going with the old one? Apparently not much. There are only two differences between the two models.
  1. 180mm Air Penetrator fan is different. The one on the SG09 has two speed fan controller, 700RPM for low setting and 1200RPM for high setting. The new one has a three speed fan controller, 600RPM for low setting, 900RPM for medium setting and 1200RPM for high setting. The maximum CFM and the noise characteristics were identical, hence if you use a fan controller - like Fan Xpert III on Asus boards, they would perform identically anyway.
  2. The SG10 has better styling. The SG09's face is a bit ugly, and Silverstone has done a little facelift with the new one. However, it seems this has added more weight to the chassis as it is 500g heavier than the old model.
To me, none of them were worth the extra JPY4,000+ premium the stores were asking for the SG10. If it offered a better experience such as fans with lower noise or better cooling or better internal arrangement, I would have at least considered it.
So, Silverstone SG09 it is. Let's see how it turns out to be.

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