Monday, August 4, 2014

Finally managed to sell the Raven RV03 case



Finally it seems that someone wanted to grab my Raven RV03 case. I had to have it displayed on Rakuten Auctions for a while though. I was not certain that I would be able to get rid of it because nobody wanted to bid for it despite the super awesome initial bid value I set for it.

The bidder has already paid for the case, which means, it is a definite go. My Small Form Factor build is actually happening after all. This is just great timing really. My kid is just about to start crawling, and I definitely cannot allow him easy access to the PC (because he might bump his head on a sharp edge on the case) or the cables (there is no doubt that he would want to chew them and see) lying on the floor.

First things first. I have to ship the case by Friday, August 8. Before that, I have to order a new case as soon as possible and transfer all the components from the old case to the new case. That is going to be tedious, especially when my son never naps for more than an hour straight during the day time. In addition to that, I would be very busy during this weekend which means I cannot get my hands dirty as soon as the courier service delivers the case. Not happy!

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