Friday, August 22, 2014

RMAed the Logitech Z623 speaker set and got a new one


Almost 2 years ago, I bought the Logitech Z623 speaker set to replace the Corsair SP2200 speakers that developed a crackling issue in the subwoofer (read “RMAing Corsair SP2200 speakers in Japan” and “From crackling Corsair SP2200 speakers to Logitech (Logicool) Z623 speakers”). I bought it from Amazon because they had it for the cheapest offer. It cost me a little under $90 although it should have cost me about $130 if I bought it directly from Logitech as that was the MSRP.

However there was one issue with this particular set. Many of the end users were complaining about a defect with the power button. The speakers would turn on and off on its own at random times.

Not everybody was having this problem so I thought I might get lucky. Even if the problem developed in mine, I would not have a problem with RMAing as Logitech’s customer support is superb. After about one year of usage, the problem developed on my set as well. It was not irritating at first as it would only appear - if at all - at the time of powering up the speakers. But eventually it got worse up to the degree where it would lose power while watching a movie even.

Here is a video that demonstrates the problem.

This Z623 speakers came with a 2 year warranty period and luckily I had a few months left before expiration. After I explained the problem to the Logitech Customer Support,  they agreed to send me a new set of speakers to replace the defective ones. This meant that they decided to send me the new set in advance and I only had to send back what I had once I had received the replacement.

It took them a while to send me the replacement but that was fine with me. At least they stood by their warranty even with just a couple of months to go before the warranty ran out. And the best thing is that the new set does not produce the problem with the power button. Well, I cannot say for sure that it will never develop but I am hoping that Logitech found the culprit and fixed after all and that I got one of the good ones.

z623 new

For a second, I thought of auctioning the set and buying new stereo monitors but when I checked the current prices of the Z623, I found out that I would have to sell it for dirt cheap if I wanted to get rid if them. There are two problems with this speaker set. One of them is that it has a sub-woofer and I have to keep it on the floor which is not a good idea with the baby running around. The other one is that the input power to the speaker set is 110V instead of 110-240V universal which would be a problem when I head back to Sri Lanka someday – and yes that day might not be far off. I really don't need – rather, cannot use - the power of these speakers because I am living in an apartment. They probably can bring the whole apartment to ground if the volume and bass were turned up to the max.

Well, I guess I would be keeping these speakers after all and hope that my kid won't fancy anything with them.

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