Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Z97 Micro-ATX boards and Wi-Fi support

I’ve been looking at few of the Micro-ATX motherboards based on Intel’s Z97 chipset to go in my future SFF build in the Silverstone Sugo SG10 case, but none of them seems to come with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. The Mini-ITX boards and the high-end standard ATX boards do. I find this weird.

The boards I had been looking at are:

None of these have Wi-Fi support. Not even the old 802.11n. I cannot believe these companies have ruled out these motherboards as suitable for portable gaming rigs. Maybe that’s why. These are “gaming” oriented boards. No gamer uses Wi-Fi connectivity when playing games. Maybe the manufacturers think that they are not useful either.

But I would have liked to see the option in there. I mean, if the mini-ITX boards have Wi-Fi, I don’t see any reason why the Micro-ATX variants cannot. They have all the real-estate to implement it.

Disappointed, like always!

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