Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ordered the Devil of a 4790K


I managed to successfully sell the old Core i7 4770K via Rakuten Auctions. I have a week to send the CPU to its new owner, but before that I had to buy a new 4790K CPU.

I waited for CPU + motherboard combo deals for weeks. Like I mentioned in the earlier post, Sofmap is selling CPU + motherboard combo for with a JPY5000 discount, but they are not selling any motherboard that I want to buy. If I was going to get a motherboard as well, I wanted it to be a Micro ATX motherboard, which is imperative to my PC shrinking project. As there weren’t any appealing online deals, I decide to finally buy just the CPU and ordered the 4790K in the evening from Amazon. I paid extra for the instant delivery - it's a small sum - so that I could get it one Saturday and play with it over the weekend.

I'm still not sure that I would be getting a good chip. If the past is any indication, it would be a crappy overclocker - I would probably get 4.6GHz at 1.3V. It'll be still better than my old chip and probably will run cooler and use less power.

Like I mentioned earlier, I ordered the chip from Amazon. Amazon's price wasn't the cheapest but I went with them because I've had god experience with them. RMAing is easier with them. I remember I could even replace a Raven RV03 case just because the top cover of it slightly got cracked which I have no explanation about. I don't know how it happened. But something completely unexpected happened as well.

When I placed the order, I paid with my EPOS credit card. I wanted to pay with my Rakuten credit card because I get points which I can use when I'm buying stuff from Rakuten shopping website. I do get points with EPOS card too but those points have a very low value. They cannot be used as easily and the number of points itself is half of what I would get with Rakuten.

So I quickly canceled the order saying that I had to change the method of payment. I didn't read much about what would happen when the order was cancelled. It seems that I would probably be refunded the amount as an Amazon Gift Card instead of debiting the amount directly to the credit card. Since I quickly cancelled the order, probably they won't need to do anything. Although I am not sure because I saw the confirmation mail from EPOS, so it probably means that the payment had gone through and Amazon will refund me in the form of a gift card. That would suck because I would not gain anything by canceling the original order.

But let's hope for the best.

Next up, upgrade the BIOS to welcome the newcomer. =]

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