Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Devil's Canyon chip runs really hot!

2014-05-18 12.39.56[4]

In the previous post I mentioned how I overclocked my new Devil's Canyon chip to 4.6GHz. Going from 4.5GHz to 4.6GHz was difficult and the settings are not even finalized yet. It requires further tuning.

Finding the settings that would make the CPU stable was one thing. Keeping the CPU cool while stress testing was another. My Antec Kuhler 620 was terrible at it. Even at the conservative settings that I used for 4.5GHz overclock, the core temps hit 90C once in a while. Devil's Canyon chips are supposed to run about 8C cooler than the original Haswell. I was stupid not to test the temps with my old CPU before the switch.

Plus, these temps were not observed while running something crazy like Prime 95 v28.5 or Linpack. The stress test that I used was OCCT 4.4. It is not a complete slouch at stressing CPUs as it, I believe, does heat up the CPU more than AIDA64 - the one originally recommended for Haswell. Still, this shouldn’t have happened.

There is no need to emphasise that there is a problem.

Assuming it was inadequate contact between the CPU and the water block, the water block was reseated once, which unfortunately made no difference. However, I'm not so confident in my application of the thermal paste. I felt there was too much paste the last time. This time it could be too little. There is no way to know without examining the foot print of the spread, but that means taking if off again. Time is something I don't have these days.

Before thinking about getting a better cooler, I think I should try reseating it one last time. Like I mentioned earlier, it could be simply my incapability to properly apply thermal paste. If the cooler has gone bad because it wasn't been used for 2 years, then there is no choice but to replace it. It wasn't a great cooler to begin with.

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