Friday, July 4, 2014

Looks like I’m getting a 4790K after all


Remember that I decided to auction my current Core i7 4770K chip on Rakuten auctions? Someone finally bid for it. One guy also asked the price for both the CPU and the motherboard but his offer was too low so I defaulted. But at least, I have managed to sell me CPU – on paper, for the time being.

He bought it for the starting price though – that’s JPY28,000. It’s a shame that nobody bothered to place a bid for it, despite many people adding it to their watch list. I guess they do this so that they get a notification in case the seller – in this case me – drops the starting bid down to attract potential bidders.

The guy hasn’t paid for the CPU yet. He probably will pay for it soon as he has mostly positive ratings. But when will he pay for it? I hope he delays as much as possible. I still haven’t seen any of the CPU + motherboard combo deals other than the ones that Sofmap has posted (the link might be broken by the time you check it out though). But they are selling just the Gigabyte motherboards and even then, none of them are Micro-ATX boards. I want to get a Micro-ATX board. I want it to go into the Silverstone SUGO SG09 or SG10 case eventually. As I still haven’t managed to sell my current case, I would have to keep using this new motherboard for the time being.


But if the guy pays for the CPU soon, I will probably have no other choice but to get just the CPU and keep using it in my current motherboard – which luckily supports Devil’s Canyon CPUs just fine. The prices of the CPU has dropped a little in the last few days as well. Now they go for JPY38,000 where as they started at a price of JPY39,800-ish amount at the time of pre-orders. I don’t think the prices would go down any further. Amazon price is cheap as well, but not the cheapest – but I would probably settle for a CPU from them because their customer support is decent.

I’m waiting eagerly to get rid of the CPU. I just hope I will get lucky this time around. I have never won the silicon lottery.

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