Monday, May 19, 2014

[Rant] Managed to sell the Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme cooler as well - again, Rakuten Auctions to the rescue

Couple of weeks ago I listed up my beloved but massively pain-in-the-arse Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme cooler on Rakuten and yesterday someone bid for it. I had to drop the price of the cooler down to JPY 4,000 range to make the sale. 

Actually the bidder asked me of I could sell the cooler for JPY 4,500 including shipping. After confirming that he was also from Kanagawa prefecture, which meant that the cost of shipping is lowest because I'm also in the same prefecture, I decided to sell the cooler for JPY 4,500. Since I had to ship it to him for free, I had to modify the listing before he bid. I told him that I made the changes and that it was ok for him to bid. Like promised, he placed a bid for it momentarily. Then I hit the Early Termination button and ended the auction before someone could cripple the sale. 

For the time being, I decided to go back to my old Antec Kuhler 620 all-in-one water cooler. I might actually keep using it depending on the thermal/acoustic results of it. I would probably upgrade to a H100i if I go with the Corsair 250D or keep using it if i go with the CM Elite 130. 

Back on the topic. 

I originally thought that I would be able to choose Auction Yuupack as the shipping method. It was the cheapest method of shipping as Japan Post would give a discount when using the service - howvever, I have no idea why. But I found out, after I made the sale, that you cannot use Auction Yuupack unless the shipping order was generated from a Auction site. When you choose "free shipping", you can select your own shipping method but the shipping order will not be generated from the auction site. Only when you put the tracking number, you can select which shipping method you used. But that's just for tracking purposes. So, sadly, it seemed the actual cost of shipping would be much higher than what I originally assumed. 

After checking few courier services, I found out that the cheapest method of shipping would be Japan Post's Yuupack - the regular service. The online shipping calculator gave me a charge of JPY 810. That's not a huge deal more expensive than the JPY 680 figure that Auction Yuupack would have given me. 

I wanted to get rid of the cooler as soon as possible. So I took the cooler to the Lawson store where I could send stuff using Yuupack service. I asked the girl at the counter to fill the name and the address of the recipient by showing her the details from the Rakuten Auctions app on the phone. I filled my own details, however. When she calculated the shipping charge, it turned out to be only JPY 710. That was JPY 100 cheaper than what the online shipping calculator predicated. I asked her if I used the service through Lawson, whether the I would get a discount. She said no. Hey, I was fine with that! So I paid the shipping fee and gave the package and came back home. I hope it goes to the correct recipient.

That's how I got rid of the Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme cooler. I wish I could have got more money for it but it had to be this way. Now I'm only two items away from my mini-ITX dream. Need to sell the case and the motherboard- ASAP! But the case has to go first. I would only build the mini-ITX rig, if I can get rid of them all.

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