Friday, May 9, 2014

[Rant] Logitech G602 tracking on Razer Sphex mouse pad

Remember me buying the Logitech G602  for a crazy low price of just $29? If not, check this article out.

So I've been playing Crysis 3 a bit with this new mouse and I had a problem. It was difficult to aim with the mouse. The accuracy went down the toilet. At first I thought it was because this is a wireless mouse and the input lag is higher than a typical wired gaming mouse. Plus, for some reason I couldn't set the USB polling rate either. It was greyed out in the Logitech Gaming Software user interface.

Gaming Software

Edit: After reading a bit, I found out that the USB polling rate of the mouse is 500Hz and it is not changeable. It is higher than most typical mice, where the polling rate is 125Hz, but most wired gaming mice can “boost” it to 1000Hz so there is a 1ms lag caused by the polling rate over my G500.

Yesterday I noticed that the mouse pointer would skip and jump while using the mouse. Skips and jumps are not caused by input lag. They are caused by bad tracking. I was using the Razer Sphex mouse pad with the Logitech G500 and I continued to use it with the G602. I also have a steelseries QCK Mini mouse pad which has a cloth surface, hence the friction is too high and I gave up using it.

2014-05-10 10.04.15

I tried using the mouse on the bear wooden surface of the desk and I didn't get any tracking issues. But I didn't like the feeling it gave me. So I went into the closet in search for the QCK mouse pad and I found it without much trouble. I placed it on top of the Razor mouse pad and tried using the mouse. I played a couple of games and I didn't get any tracking issues with it. But as the friction was high, I had to increase the DPI of the mouse.

2014-05-10 10.04.48

I'm not entirely sure if I would want to keep using the QCK mouse pad because it is tedious to move the mouse. I might look for something else. Apparently the sensor in the G602 mouse is an optical one and I would need to buy a surface made for an optical sensor if I'm to buy a new mouse pad. (This must be why the G500 didn't have issues with the Razer Sphex as the G500 has a laser sensor.)

Perhaps I should look for mouse pads made by the same manufacturer as the mouse as they might be more compatible than ones made by 3rd parties. Logitech makes two nice mouse pads - the G240 and the G440. The former has a cloth surface with high friction and the latter has a hard surface with low friction. Unfortunately the G440 doesn't seem to provide a good tracking surface for optical mice. I don't know about the G240 though. It might work with the G602 but I don't want a cloth surface because of the friction. Logitech advertises it as having medium friction instead of high friction though. It could be a pure marketing claim.

I will post back if I buy a new mouse pad. But the chances of my buying one is slim as I'm trying to cut my expenditure on gadgets as much as possible these days. I would definitely try to exchange thing - I mean, buy and sell with a minimum cost of upgrade.

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