Thursday, May 29, 2014

[Rant] Listed up the Maximus VI Hero board on Rakuten Auctions as well

Bye bye Maximus VI Hero

If you read my previous post, you would have felt that I had kind of decided on what case I was going to get after all. Though it can change at any time, the chances of me going with the Silverstone Sugo SG09 case is pretty high, because of the overwhelming amount of power you can house in that tiny little case. But sure, something like the Cooler Master Elite 130 would be slightly smaller - but only about 15% in terms of the volume. With the Sugo, I can have two graphics cards - which I really don't care about at this time - but you never know , have 32GB RAM and install a beefy CPU cooler of up to 165mm in height. Plus, comparable Micro-ATX boards are slightly cheaper than their Mini-ITX counterparts.

But like I said, it is yet not set in stone. I might change this whole idea all of a sudden. In fact, I would not go along with the downsizing project at all, if I cannot get rid of the Raven RV03 case.

Now, to the fun part. I listed the Maximus VI Hero board on Rakuten Auctions even before managing to sell the case. (Click here to go to the listing.) Why? Because I can buy the motherboard now and have it installed in the Raven RV03 case until I get rid of the case. You must be wondering why I didn't do this in the first place. Well, the Raven RV03 doesn't support Mini-ITX boards and I had been looking for Mini-ITX boards up until now. Understand? It's quite logical.

Yes, I know about the risks. If I will never manage to get rid of the Raven RV03 case, I would be stuck with a Micro-ATX motherboard inside a behemoth of a case. That would not make much sense to anyone who doesn't know the complete story. Still, Micro-ATX boards are not that small anyways. They are short but maintains the same width as that of a ATX board. Since I don't have anything other than the GPU installed in the PCI-E slots, it would not look that weird. On the plus side, I would hope that the power consumption of the PC would drop slightly because there would be less components on board.

So what motherboard should I get? That's topic of a long discussion I suppose. I'm going to start my research from this point onwards. After all, it could take many months before I can get rid of the board. Like I said before, I'll be buying a micro ATX board regardless of whether I manage to sell the case or not- the pricing syncs with my pocket.

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