Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Rant] Managed to get rid of the dreaded Corsair Vengeance RAM as well

Once again, Rakuten Auctions came to the rescue.
I wrote this once before, and I write it again. I had two kits of Corsair Vengeance 8GB kits (16GB in total) in my rig. Two kits mean, four DIMMs. For my SFF dream to come true, I had to get rid of them and replace them with a single kit. Sure I could sell one kit and just use one kit. That would definitely have solved the problem but I didn’t want to go back to 8GB. I had 8GB RAM almost 4 years ago as well. I should have 32GB by now. But hey, I have no need for that much RAM.
So, I had to sell the current RAM kits and buy a new 16GB kit.
When I checked the shops that I could sell the them, the most I could get for them were less than JPY10,000. At most shops, it was much much lower – around JYP6,000. Gah!
So I went ahead and exhibited them on Rakuten. I originally posted them at JPY7,000 a piece. But after couple of weeks, nobody wanted to bid for them. A lot of people had accessed the pages and some had even added them to their watch list, but none of them had wanted to bid. Sadness.
I had not sold the PSU by then and I wasn’t really sure if I would be able to get rid of the PSU either. Thus I wasn’t that desperate to get rid of the RAM. The PSU was the bigger issue because I couldn’t sell it to a shop. I could at least sell the RAM To a shop – albeit at a lower price but still I had a way of selling them for sure. But when I managed to sell the PSU, I felt that I should try a bit harder to get rid of the RAM as well. Just like with the PSU, I dropped the price by JPY1,000 for each kit and few days went by. Just like before, few people accessed it and added them to their watch list. But none wanted to bid. Until one day that is.
One guy bid for one kit. The guy had positive reputation, so I knew the auction was going to end up as a successful one. But I was feeling a bit nervous. What if he only buys one kit and I won’t be able to sell the other kit? I made up my mind to sell that one kit and run with just 8GB until I got rid of it. Besides, I could sell the remaining kit to Sofmap. So I didn’t start researching about which kit to buy straightaway.
But luckily for me, that guy bid for the 2nd kit as well. There was a couple of days remaining for that one, but I decided to terminate it early and sell it to the same guy. Victory!
The guy asked me to bundle them together and send as one package. That way, he can cut the shipping charges. There is no monetary advantage for me though. Just that I don’t have to send two packages. What happens when the buyer requests combined shipping is that Rakuten will ask for new shipping methods from the seller because now he has to bundle two or more items and the original methods might not work. But in this case, I didn't have to change the shipping methods. I originally specified "Posupaketto" and "Auction Yupack". After I set those shipping methods, he chose "Posupaketto" because it was the cheapest method.
But before I could send the memory to the buyer, I had to buy new ones. And I bought a new kit. You can read all about it in the next post.

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