Saturday, May 11, 2013

Updating Windows 8 on office PC

At work, usually there are two PCs for each engineer. One is for development and the other one for documentation. Naturally, the document PC is an old PC that is running Windows XP. But I have an Athlon X2 4400 based PC as my document PC. Couple of weeks ago, I installed Windows 8 on it.

I work inside a lab which doesn’t have internet connectivity. We have, however, a secured connection to our client (I would not disclose who this is) and through this we can even use Windows Update. But they haven’t still updated whatever they are doing to support Windows 8. So, Windows Update doesn’t work with Windows 8.

But nothing is lost. We have common PCs at work that can be used to access the internet. I went to one of them and downloaded the tool called WSUS Offline Update. You don’t have to install that tool. Extract the zip file you download, and just run UpdateGenerator.exe.

This is the main screen of WSUS Offline Update.


I selected Windows 8 from the options and also specified it to create an ISO file. After that it was seamless. It went and fetch all the necessary updates and created an ISO file for me.

These are the options I selected.


Luckily Windows 8 comes with native support for mounting ISO files. (For OSes prior to Windows 8, you will have to download and install Alcohol 52% or something similar.) All I had to do was to double click the ISO file on my Windows 8 machine, and run the setup program. Everything after that, including the reboots, were automatic.

Now my Document PC is using all the latest updates. Happy!

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