Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So the new iPhone isn't coming any time soon?

First there were rumors that the new iPhone (iPhone 5S possibly) was going to be introduced at WWDC '13, but seems like the enthusiasm has gone down. Looks like it won't be coming before summer after all. People are now saying that it is coming in Fall. WWDC would be for iOS 7 and maybe Haswell based products (MacBooks and iMacs). So unexciting!!!

Well, if iOS 7 is going to have a hugely revamped UI, that would be fine. I actually like stuff with big learning curves, given that they will eventually become easier to use. But right now, I want more speed out of my phone. I doubt iOS 7 will bring any performance improvements. Apple has never done that. The performance has gone down with every update, according to my experience. My iPhone 4S has gotten very slow. Sometimes when I open Twitter, it takes 10 seconds to load. So is Facebook. It could be due to the slowness of the Internet connection because most of these apps look to sync through the Internet at launch. SoftBank could be the culprit. 

But I think it is not just the Internet connection that is causing these problems. Today on my way to work, the phone literally got stuck in the app switcher pane and the phone didn't respond to anything for more than 30 seconds. The podcast was playing in the background. No idea what happened there. I'm sure people will be quick to blame on the JailBreak, and it possible was the culprit. But I don't give a damn. I need the JailBreak. 

The battery also dies pretty quickly.  But that happens when I try to browse the Internet from my workplace. The signal strength is pretty bad there. Most of the days, I have to charge the phone at work, otherwise I wouldn't have enough battery to get me through the boring commute back home. I'm writing this post during my lunch break and I already had to plug the phone in to charge the battery. One thing that I have noticed is that is I leave home with a full charge, or I managed to charge the battery for 100% the previous night, the rate of battery drainage is lower than if left home with, say, 80% battery. I don't know if the problem is with the battery or with the software. Maybe it could be that Apple hates me for being a Windows user.

I have also deleted almost all the jailbreak tweaks that I was using because I thought it would make things better. I still have to keep the JailBreak because I want to get rid of the camera shutter sound. (In case you didn't know, Japanese iPhones don't lose the shutter sound when the phone is put into manner mode.) The shutter sound comes up even when you take a screenshot. That's irritating.

But yes, we come to an important point in our discussion. If I buy a new iPhone, I won't be able to JailBreak it. Wouldn't that be a deal breaker? Well, speed is my number 1 requirement. More than just the processing speed, I need LTE. I'm so fed up by the slowness of 3G (of SoftBank). I'm not sure how much of a speed I would get when I use the phone at the workplace, because that's where I am most of the day when I'm not at home, but it still felt faster when I checked the speeds of his iPhone 5. 

All in all, time are bad. For one, the Japanese yen is not doing great against the US$. The Intel Haswell products are not performing up to the hype. And now this. Guess I will have to put all my efforts into buying a DSLR. And that's the least interesting item on the list. :(

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