Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prime95 with AVX support for Stress Testing your Sandybridge or IvyBridge CPU

I discovered this recently. I’ve been using Prime 95 without AVX support for all this time. Prime 95 with AVX support is the bomb. Just compare the temperature difference between the following screenshots.

Note: Small FFT stress test was run for 5 minutes.

Without AVX (v26.6)

With AVX (v27.7)

The power consumption is 20% higher when Prime95 utilizes AVX instructions. Temperatures are higher as well, but within 5C. (I am only running the CPU fan at 900RPM and case fans at around 600RPM. Room ambient temperature is 22.9C.)

So if you wanna stress test your Sandybridge or IvyBridge CPU, I suggest that you use Prime95 with AVX support. 

Download Prime 95 v27.7 with AVX support from HERE.


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