Friday, December 14, 2012

Changing Disk Controller mode from RAID to AHCI in Windows 8

Since I got rid of my RAID-0 setup, it was time to change the SATA controller from RAID to AHCI so that I do not see the darn RAID BIOS thingy every time I start the PC. Of course I didn’t want to reinstall Windows just for that. But you cannot simply change the SATA controller mode to AHCI from RAID. If you do so, Windows will not boot. But there is always a workaround.

Here are the steps.

Note: the steps are a bit different in Windows 7.

1. I already had Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver installed, so I uninstalled it from control panel and just rebooted back to Windows. (I didn’t touch the BIOS settings [yet.)

2. Then I went to Registry Editor (Run > regedit) and opened the following key.


3. On the right pane I doubled clicked on the “0” setting and changed the value to 0 from 3.


4. Then I exited Registry Editor and rebooted and went straight into BIOS.

5. From BIOS, I changed the storage controller mode to AHCI and rebooted.

Voila! No more RAID BIOS screens. =]

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