Thursday, December 27, 2012

SLTNet ADSL speeds have improved: Dec 2012 Experience

So, I am back in SL. I do miss a lot of things in Japan. My PC, for example, is irreplaceable. So is the internet connection. At home (SL), we have a 512k unlimited package. Browsing on it is dirt slow, but it felt better than the last time. But still, 512k is 512k.

Right now I am writing this from my wife's place and they have the 8M 25GB connection known as the "SLT Web Family". It's pretty sweet for browsing. It would be million times (exaggerated of course) slower than the one I have back in Japan when it comes to downloading stuff, but for a cheap Rs.1490 price, it is sweet. I don't have any problem browsing the internet with it. Pages load -amazingly- very fast. YouTube doesn't run into buffering even at 720p and sometimes even at 1080p. That's crazy. 

Finally, there is some hope. I don't have to worry about the internet when I come back to SL.

The only issue I have is the 25GB download limit. There are ones with higher limitation points, but they are pretty expensive. 25GB one is pretty much the best bang for the buck package. Just imagine downloading games with the size of 10GB or more with a 25GB limit? Yikes! 


  1. It's true the new connections are improvements. But come on, SLT can do better. All everyone seem to care about is stupid HSDPA. SLT is the only people who offer normal internet connections, i actually understand how hard it is for them to give out unlimited connections. So setting that request apart, can't they atleast increase the speeds? That is how internet in SL actually is.

    1. if copyright laws come to SL, then they will give unlimited connections once again. I believe (illegal) p2p sharing is the reason for these limits.


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