Sunday, June 24, 2012

Corsair SP2200 speakers - crackling noise and a possible fix

This is not the first time this has happened. This is the 3rd time. Somehow it self-healed the first two times. It has started to give the same issues once again.

These are the known facts:

1. The crackling noise mostly comes from the left speaker

2. It has nothing to do with the input audio signal to the speaker. The problem is there even when the speakers are disconnected from the PC.

3. People on the internet are saying that it got fixed by replacing the power supply of the speakers. Hence, the “power supply” crackling.

Check out the Newegg customer reviews here. Most people are experiencing the same issue.

I have contacted both the reseller in Japan and Corsair about this issue, via email. Let’s hope that I will get some good news in a couple of days. I need these speakers replaced ASAP!

Here’s a recording of this happening with my system.

Edit: 2012/07/09

So I got the RMA approved from Corsair. But one big problem. I have to ship it overseas to claim the replacement. That is a big no no, when you amount the huge shipping prices. It would costs me about 25% – 75% of how much the speakers were worth in the first place. You would say, 25% isn’t better than having to pay full price on a new set of speakers. But many people say that the replacement was no better than the first one, and all that shipping charges gone down the river. I will try to first contact Clevery (the shop that sold me the speakers) about this matter and see how they respond. Trying to contact them via email has been unsuccessful so far. They replied eagerly to the questions I had when I was buying the speakers. Clowns! They are all the same. (Not you, Logicool Japan – Logitech elsewhere) I am not so keen talking to them on the phone. I know no Japanese duh!

However there is another potential fix. It hasn’t been long enough to see if this fixes the problem. I haven’t tried this. This was posted by some guy from Panama on the Corsair forums, because he too is facing the huge shipping charges. This involves messing with the circuitry, so if you are not experienced, get someone else who is to get it done.

Fixing Corsair SP2200 Crackling Issue.


  1. Still no reply from none of the morons. >_<
    I wonder if I have to buy a new pair of speakers. Maybe I should switch to the speakers on the monitor for the time being. (Yes, it has speakers :O)

  2. Looks like Corsair want me to ship it to US lmao

  3. I think Speakers and You are a no-go :P

  4. I actually liked the old Labtec speakers I had back at home.

  5. The 2 sets we have in our house have started doing this as well. Screw contacting corsair as it sounds like they don't even care and I hate to think of the cost to send them to the US from Australia. Set up warranty with the company I have purchased them from. lets see what they say....

  6. I received an email from Corsair when I complained about the high shipping prices. They are not going to do anything about it. They seem to think it is ok that the user bears the shipping. Gahhh

  7. my power adapter is making a noise which in turn is coming through the speakers, i believe this is what is causing the other known issue of hearing the non stop static through both speakers and sometimes i get the crackling to not much though, contacted corsair about a replacement power supply rather then shipping the whole unit what a waste of money there so well see if they replace it or not like any other company would.

    1. what kind of noise are we talking about?
      i also have something like a whine coming out of the speakers. but cannot hear it unless i move my ears closer.


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