Saturday, June 23, 2012

3DMark11 score got a boost with the new nVidia 304.48 beta drivers on GTX670 2GB

Following is what I got with the 301.42 WHQL drivers at GPU base clock of 1100MHz, memory at 3450MHz

Score: P9613 3DMarks

Graphics Score: 9719

Physics Score: 10459

Combined Score: 7995

I had to drop the overclock to 1093MHz, 3400MHz because it was unstable in Crysis 2 (yes, Crysis 2 seems to be the most stressful game out of ones I tested.)

This is the score with the new 304.48 beta drivers.

Score: P9793 3DMarks

Graphics Score: 9960

Physics Score: 10246

Combined Score: 8216

Free performance is always appreciated. :D

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