Saturday, June 23, 2012

SSD Pricing dropping like crazy!

I bought my current Kingston Hyper-X 120GB SSD about 7 months ago, and it cost me JPY16,980 back then. It was still a good deal, considering the price per GB, because I spend over JPY 11k for one of my Vertex 2 50GB SSDs another year back, which was a good deal back then!

The current prices are way crazy! You can get a 240/256GB SSD for the same price I paid for my 120GB drive. And it is only 7 months. So for the first time ever, 240/256GB drives are affordable. They are still not cheap, by any means. Hard drives, even with the recent price hicks, still nail the SSDs when it comes to cost per GB – by about 10 times! So you cannot really forget them virtually in any PC build.

Eg: OCZ Agility 3 240GB – JPY16,409 as of 2012/06/23 on Amazon JPN

Here’s where the price per GB stands as of today

SSD prices 2012 June Cost per GB

Source: The TechReport

Note that 120GB/240GB is where the biggest price cuts are at.

Still, I really like the way things are going. 1TB SSD dream can’t be that far away, right? I expect 1TB SSDs will be affordable at least by the year 2015. :)


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