Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lucid Virtu broken with L2.03 beta UEFI for ASRock Z68 Extreme4 (non Gen3)

Remember that in the previous post I mentioned that ASRock pulled out the *new* L2.02 beta UEFI from their website? Few days later, they released the L2.03 beta UEFI. Of course, I didn't think twice and upgraded. (Who did you think I was?? XD)

Everything is fine after the update, except for one little thing. They somehow broke the Lucid Virtu License with it. Just because you have a Z68 motherboard, you cannot install the Lucid Virtu software. The motherboard has to have a license to use it. I think it is there in the UEFI microcode. So when you install the Lucid Virtu software, it will check if the motherboard has the license to use it, and it will install fine. If not, it will install as a 30-day trial. That's exactly what is happening with this UEFI update. I even reinstalled Windows to see if it was something else. No, other people also have reported the problem. Oh well! I wish I didn't have to reinstall Windows.

As usual, the latest version that lists on Lucid's website is newer than the one listed on ASRock's website. So naturally, you would download the one on Lucid's website (currently, version 114 is the latest. ASRock
lists only version 112). When I tried to install it, it mentioned that this is a 30-day trial. When I install the one on ASRock's website, it would not show that message. But when you go into the ABOUT page in Virtu Control Panel, it would list it as a 30-day trial. Bummer!

This is what it is like now

This is what it should be like (see it is not a trial)


I hope they fix it soon because I use QuickSync with Cyberlink MediaEspresso to convert videos for the iPhone QUICKLY. It is few times faster to encode with QuickSync.

When Lucid Virtu gets installed as a trialware, you cannot change the following things in the control panel.
1. Disable displaying of the Lucid Virtu logo when it is being used

2. Modify the list of supported apps (only the 3 apps shown below are supported)


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