Sunday, February 6, 2011

Logitech G500 to replace the broken G5

I started playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer quite recently, and the result was a broken Logitech G5 mouse. The middle mouse button broke. It lost the clicking noise. Not just the noise, but I couldn’t feel the click. It was like trying to press a button on a resistive touch screen phone with just the skin of the thumb without using the nail. It was definitely not usable in games, nor was in browsers and other places where I extensively use the middle mouse button.

Not just that, the middle mouse button of the G5 is utter crap. It supports tilting and when I would press the middle mouse button, there was a good chance that I would tilt the button. The design of it wasn’t helping this either. It didn’t feel stable. Also, it was wearing out on the skin as well.

Mind you, it was a great mouse. It fit my hand pretty well. But it was time to throw it away. Well, I can give it to someone.

So what did I replace it with? Simple. It is in the title. I bought the new G500. It is pretty much same shape as the G5 so there wasn’t a need for getting used to the shape. But I had to get used to the new button placement. The realtime CPI changing buttons were on the left click button towards the outer edge, instead of the top middle. The button at the top middle would lock and unlock free scrolling which is used for scrolling long pages. And now there are three thumb buttons instead of two in the G5. Most of all, it supports a maximum of 5700 CPI instead of the 2000 in the G5. That is the hardest thing to tune. I still don’t know which speed is the best. I am still experimenting. BTW, the middle mouse button is much more stable in this. I hardly mistakenly press the tilt buttons when pressing the middle mouse button. But I have to tell you, the software doesn’t detect COD6 MP exe. That is a bummer. I am still trying things to get it to work without me needing to manually change the profile.


I am not using the weighs yet. I think I should play with it a bit more and make use of all the features of the mouse. I didn’t use all the features of G5. I need to use all the features of G500!


I disassembled the G5 to see if I could fix the middle mouse button issue. I had to remove all the gliding pads underneath the mouse to get to the nails. Sucks! Now it is a mess. I would need new pads if I want to use the mouse again. Well it works without the pads, but it does not give the same smooth feeling. Anyways, when I checked how the middle mouse button would work. I couldn’t understand how it could have made the click sound right from the beginning, unless there was “something” and it is not present anymore. There is just a spring and a touch button. Nothing that could make a click noise. Hmm….oh well.. I talked to Logitech as well, and they said I couldn’t get warranty because it was bought from another country, Am I supposed to wait till I get to Sri Lanka to claim warranty? It might even not have any warranty left! lol


  1. Oh really suppose to get warranty for hardware here? lol. you OK?

  2. lol. some people do give warranty. :D


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