Monday, February 7, 2011

Measuring PC power draw

I measured the power draw of my PC a few days ago. I wanted to know if I can really install two HD5850 video cards with this power supply.

How did I measure the power draw? I turned off everything in the house and kept only the PC running. Well, not just the PC, but I also had the router running as well. Wasn’t deliberate – I forgot to turn it off. XD

I measured the time it takes the meter dial to go one round. 600 rounds mean 1kWh. I The following table shows what I calculated from that time.

  Real power Power draw from the PSU (82% efficiency) – without the monitor

PC: Idle with monitor off (GPU@2D clocks)

117W 96W

PC: Idle with monitor on (GPU@2D clocks)

152W 96W

PC: Watching an HD movie (GPU@2D clocks)

177W 117W

PC: Playing COD6 (GPU@854/1350)

262W 187W

PC: Stressed max CPU (GPU@854/1350)

390W 291W
Laptop: Watching a 720p video 19W -


I think I need to use the laptop more often. XD


  1. how did u come up with 82% ?:D
    Btw, noticed from your previous post that, that Japanese PSU of yours is made in China xD

  2. that's what is shown on the website.
    i averaged out the efficiency values for 110V.

    isn't everything made in China these days?

    btw, Aqtis are also the agents for Amacrox PSUs in Japan. i wonder if these Aqtis products are rebadged Amacrox PSUs.

    i wonder who really makes these PSUs. it cannot be amacrox, because they aqtis wouldn't sell amacrox under amacrox brand name. it cannot be made by aqtis either, because they they wouldn't sell amacrox ones. there is no reference to aqtis brand other than in japan.


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