Monday, February 7, 2011

Measuring PC power draw

I measured the power draw of my PC a few days ago. I wanted to know if I can really install two HD5850 video cards with this power supply.

How did I measure the power draw? I turned off everything in the house and kept only the PC running. Well, not just the PC, but I also had the router running as well. Wasn’t deliberate – I forgot to turn it off. XD

I measured the time it takes the meter dial to go one round. 600 rounds mean 1kWh. I The following table shows what I calculated from that time.

  Real power Power draw from the PSU (82% efficiency) – without the monitor

PC: Idle with monitor off (GPU@2D clocks)

117W 96W

PC: Idle with monitor on (GPU@2D clocks)

152W 96W

PC: Watching an HD movie (GPU@2D clocks)

177W 117W

PC: Playing COD6 (GPU@854/1350)

262W 187W

PC: Stressed max CPU (GPU@854/1350)

390W 291W
Laptop: Watching a 720p video 19W -


I think I need to use the laptop more often. XD

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