Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mouse got sick?

I think the G5 couldn’t take it anymore. The middle mouse button has lost the “click” sound. When I press it, I cannot tell if I have actually pressed it or not. Too much reloading of the gun I guess. Not in just games, it is also driving me crazy when I try to open a tab or close a tab with in the browser. Yes, I use the middle mouse button like everyone should. (Sure, I see a lot of people still right clicking the tab/link and pressing close tab/open in a tab option. How retarded are they?!)

Anyways, I think I should do something about this. Maybe take it apart and see what is wrong with it. Maybe there is only a small issue with it and I might be able to fix it. (I doubt it though!)

So, if by any chance, I need to buy a new mouse, I have no idea what to get. Of course I would buy something that is better than the G5. That means spending over 5k yen! Of course my birthday is coming up, but I was hoping to get something better than some mouse. But things happen, and there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe, just maybe, this might make me delay the video card purchase. I hate it, but tbh, this is very bad time to buy a new video card. New cards are just coming out and they are so expensive. In a couple of months, the prices will fall and there even will be some second hand ones for the grabs. That’s what I want.

So basically, the mouse is sick, but it is still not dead. I might kill it in the process of repair though. Phew, at least I have the lappy if something goes wrong. Either way, I should look at some mice! How about a wireless mouse, ha? Winking smile


  1. Check this out

  2. I took it apart. I think I damaged the mouse. not the functionality. the frigging nuts were underneath the glide pads. i had to remove them. it got messy. i mean, sticky. i can put them back, but i don't think it will be the way it used to be.
    anyways, there is no progress with the middle mouse button click either. i just don't understand how it could possibly have made the click sound before. there is no real button. there is a spring, and a touch button. um...maybe i will take it apart again later. which means i cannot put back those glide pads. i only have super glue so once i paste them there is no going back. well probably they are available on ebay. but i don't want this mouse in this state. i need a new mouse. i will either pay a visit to akihabara this weekend or i will order a new mouse online. issue is, i dunno what to get. there doesn't seem to be one perfect mouse. ergonomics apart, because it is subjective to the person, there seems to be issues with the tracking. seems to me the good old logitech mx-518 is the best out there, but it is pretty old and i don't like the button positioning. i'll just read some more forum posts. (too many options is a bad idea as well!)

  3. The clicking sound is the small button. Apart from that, there is no sound making device. Good thing your's have a spring. you did see mine has none :D


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