Monday, January 17, 2011

Trip (?) to Sri Lanka

A lot of you already know I went back to Sri Lanka last December. I flew Sri Lankan, and we had a disappointment to begin with. The flight was delayed for about 1 hour. It wasn’t a short trip either. Almost about 13hours with one brief stop at Male. It’s so funny how we went over Sri Lanka to Male, and came back. About 3hours wasted! My parents were there waiting for me for about 2 hours. I had to buy some chocolates from the Duty Free as well, as I didn’t bring enough from Japan. Well, I happened to have bought enough chocolates from Japan, just that I underestimated what I had bought.


I was hardly around the house. Most of the times, I was at my girlfriend’s place. Lunch from home, dinner from her place. hehe. My friends and I (and my girl friend as well) got together one day to watch a movie and have lunch. That, and the visit to Tharaka’s new house was the only times I met with the friends. Ah I forgot, that I went to see Lasitha as well.

Other than that, my girl friend and I went on shopping, to the beach, to the zoo, to the temple and here and there. No big trips or anything. She is studying for the exam, so couldn’t have fun all the time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed visits to her place. Oh wait! We went to check the hotel prices for the wedding too, just to get an idea on how expensive it is gonna get (and how much I will have to cut down on buying stuff from Amazon XD)

Time passed by too quickly. I was in Japan in no time. Even the flight time was very short. That is not bad however. Damn, it was work next day. Back to work. Can’t wait for the next time to go back. It will most probably be next August.

Oh and I didn’t bring much techno stuff this time around. Hope to take some next time though. I might need to sell my video card, depending on the requirements of Crysis 2. Playing Crysis 2 is my biggest short term target. LOL

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