Friday, August 28, 2015

Cleaned up the cables inside the SG13 case

Now that I have cancelled the order for the Silverstone SX500-LG PSU, I thought of tidying up the cables of my current PSU to make room for the air to flow without obstruction from the front intake fan.
The PSU that I currently use is also from Silverstone, but it is an ATX PSU which has cables that are long enough to approach the components when installed in a larger case. It is impossible to find an ATX PSU with short cables for that reason, but compared to the other brands, the cables that come with this PSU are a tad shorter. However there are some stupid design decisions that have been made by Silverstone such as having only one connector on each PCI-E cable. So, not only the cables are too long for the SG13 case, I have to use more cables than necessary.
But I wanted to see what I could do about that cable mess. As far as I know, things would not get any worse than this as the PSU that I plan to buy a will have shorter cables.
This is what I was able to achieve.

It was not really as hard as I expected. Thanks to the ribbon form of the PSU cables, it was easy to fold the cables few times over. After I folded them to an appropriate length, I used cable-ties to tie them up. Overall, I managed to free up almost the entire area behind the radiator to provide a clear path for the air to flow through the case.
Sadly the CPU nor the video card temps were hardly affected. That is because both the CPU and the video card were sacking cool air directly from the outside. Even if the heat would build up inside the case, it wouldn't have affected these two components that much. However the  other components such as the VRM on the motherboard and the DDR3 sticks probably are  thankful for the added breathing room.

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