Thursday, April 2, 2015

G602 battery died while I was in a game!

G602 battery
.Unless you are new to my blog, you should know that I'm using the Logitech (ahem, Logicool in Japan) G602 "wireless"  mouse with my PC. I love playing Crysis 3 multi-player on my PC as well. You should be thinking now that this combination is pretty messed up. Gaming and wireless mouse? That doesn't sound right. Right?
Well, this is not your typical wireless mouse, which you would get with those keyboard combos. This is a gaming mouse in that it has a lot of features to help gamers feel that this is not a wireless mouse in any way, except for the unavailability of cable drag which is indeed a plus. Namely, it is equipped with a better sensor than most mice (of course there are mice with vastly better sensors but those are on wired mice), has lots of programmable buttons, contains onboard memory (sadly for just one profile), can operate at 500Hz polling rate (again, sadly not 1000) and has built in high quality Teflon glides (wish they had bundled few extra as the ones on mine have started to peal off). Best of all,  you get a 250hrs of continuous gaming without needing to swap out batteries. You can extend that if you are not gaming by switching to endurance mode which can be done by a dedicated switch on top of the mouse.
Basically this is the best wireless gaming mouse you can get.
But today, for the first time, just when I was going to shoot someone in a Crysis 3 games, the battery died. If I had the Logitech Gaming Software installed, it would have warned me that the battery level was dangerously low, but I don't have it installed due to input lag issues. I thought the battery had the hardware to monitor it and notify me how much juice is left. There are dedicated LEDs to indicate the current battery level, however apparently the software is required for them to be useful.
With all the chaos happening in the game, it took me few seconds to figure out what happened. At first I wasn't sure if it was a glitch in the game, whether the keyboard had gone nuts (hey, this is a pretty cheap keyboard I'm using) or whether it was the mouse. As soon as I figured out it was the mouse (still wasn't sure if it was the battery), I quickly flew to the chest of drawers where I had few rechargeable batteries stored, pulling the headphones jack from the speaker port in the process, making the audio suddenly come out from the speaker. Being afraid that it would wake up the baby who was sound asleep after the overnight mayhem (he goes all over the place while sleeping, and we have to put him back to bed every hour), I had to run back to the PC to turn off the speakers. Then it took me a while to find the batteries - the rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop batteries that I bought for my first camera the Canon SX1-IS about 5 years ago -  with all the junk in the drawer. Finally I found it and quickly swapped out the old ones with a fully charged ones.
As soon as I put the charged batteries in, the mouse came back to life and it was time to win the game from there on. To be honest, it wasn't a difficult game to win with too many inexperienced players on the enemy's side. Luckily for me, I had only incurred one death during the period in was immobile, which speaks about how inexperienced the opposition was. I'm not complaining at all. With a little bit of effort, I managed to capture few crash sites and my team ended up being victorious. I finished with a decent score as well.
I happened to be capturing the gameplay video while the batteries died and even though I wouldn't have uploaded this video usually for the score not being super cool, I uploaded it for the sake of making this post complete. Enjoy.

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