Monday, April 6, 2015

Decided not the return the Jackery Zen portable charger


In a previous post I wrote that I was going to return the portable mobile phone charger that I recently bought from Amazon because of some issues with its functionality. The name of the charger is Zen, which isa manufactured by an American company called Jackery. The issues that I encountered was its inability to charge my wireless Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2. There were couple of other issues where the charger would commence charging the devices without first pressing the power button and also the manual wouldn’t stating what to do after the device had finished charging (whether the charger needs to be turned off or simply unplugging the device would be adequate).

I tweeted this to Jackery’s twitter handle and they responded about the power button with the following.


The issue of automatically commencing charging is real. This does not happen all the time though, which is weird and I am intrigued as to finding out what the culprit is. Probably a defect in this particular item or probably how the Nexus 5 charges is causing this. However if I press the power button every time after plugging a device, it would start charging regardless, so this is really a non-issue, as long as the charger doesn’t die on me.

Whether or not the charger would stop draining its battery after unplugging a device is difficult to determine, however if it didn't, it would have lost its charge after a couple of days, right? It doesn't appear to lose its charge when it is kept idle, thus I suppose unplugging the devices is all that's necessary.

However the biggest issue I had – charging the Bluetooth headset - isn't fully resolved yet. If plugged along with the phone, the charger won’t cut off power to the headset, but not when it's plugged alone. The good thing is, the headset doesn't take that long to charge to a reasonable level.

But there is another trick that I recently discovered. That is, you don't have to keep the phone plugged in the entire time the headset is being charged. After sometime, the phone can be removed and it would still continue to charge the headset. How soon the phone can be unplugged is yet to be determined, and unfortunately it is not as short as a couple of minutes.

It's still a hassle to go through this but I do not use the charger on a daily basis -  so far I only had to use it 3 times to charge the headset - so I can cope with it. The charger doesn't specifically say in the specs sheet that it is capable of charging an ultra low power devices. Hence it might not be a defect. None of the chargers state that they are capable of charging an ultra low power device, so it can be a hit or miss even if I switch to another brand/model. So I guess keeping this would be the smarter thing to do.

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