Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bought Battlefield Hardline finally


I had been wanting to play the game, but could not find a decent deal until today. Electronic Arts, the publisher of the game was handing out a 40% discount on Origin for the game, so I wanted to grab that opportunity.


It took a while to download though. Not because of the shear size of it, but because the server was slower than usual. Probably everyone was downloading it thanks to the discount.

I could not play the game yet. So from tomorrow onwards, I will probably not be playing Crysis 3 much – if at all. I will definitely miss the Nanosuit. I intend to play the Single Player campaign mode first though. I haven’t played Battlefield in a while so I will need some getting used to. Hopefully I will be able to crank up the graphics to the maximum, at least in the campaign mode.

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