Sunday, December 21, 2014

Logitech Gaming Software startup bug


I have been a Logitech user for many years. The first Logitech component I bought was a headset which was really bad. Then I bought a G15 keyboard from Saman, which I still use and a G5 mouse from another guy whose name I can't recall. I broke the G5 mouse and bought a G500 - many G500 mice to be precise (check here, here and here). Many broke and the one that I have is working fine except for the wear around the area where you would rest the thumb. After that I bought the G602 mouse, my first ever wireless mouse and I am currently using it in my PC, even for gaming. 

That's a bit of history but it has nothing to do with the issue I'm going to describe. Let us get into the rant then, shall we?

My G15 keyboard needs the Logitech Gaming Software for it to function as intended as it doesn't have any onboard memory to store the profiles or operate the LCD on its own. The G602 can get away with it because it has onboard memory and one profile can be flashed onto it. (Again, just one profile, which is quite limiting.)

With Windows 8.1 (but I can swear that I've had the same experience with Windows 7 and 8 too), when you set it to launch at startup from the software itself , it might not start and load the application in the system tray. If that's all that happens, then I'm fine. But that's not only what happens. We get a huge input lag when this happens. It can be as long as a second for each key press. It's unusable. If you check the Task Manager, you'll be able to find a process created by it called “Logitech Gaming Framework” although it does not show up in the System Tray.

The only way to fix this, AFAIK, is to terminate that process and open the application manually. Then it would work normally. 

This does not happen all the time either. Therefore very hard to troubleshoot I suppose. While I know how to fix this when every time this happens, my wife does not and she never will. This is a serious problem because she sometimes have to use the PC when I am at work.

Thus I have finally decided to stop LGS from automatically loading at start up. I will manually launch it when I need it.

I posted this issue on Logitech  forums as well. Here’s the link. Unfortunately, so far nobody has replied to it. I probably should try to get rid of this keyboard.

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