Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The G500 mouse is too noisy?

G500 vs G602
Not to me, but to my wife it appears to be too noisy.
Now that I have a up-to-date gaming PC after the recent purchase of the Gigabyte GTX 970 Gaming G1 card, I had been paying a lot of attention towards lowering the input lag to improve my gaming experience further. While there are few software tweaks that you can perform to lower it, ultimately the wireless-ness of the Logitech G602 Gaming mouse is causing a bottleneck. Wireless mice are and will always be lagging behind wired mice in terms of input lag; there is no getting over it. 
I have my old Logitech G500 mouse which is a wired one, and I wanted to go back to it to see if I would notice a reduction in input lag. Today in the morning, before leaving for work, I wanted to play a couple of Crysis 3 multiplayer games while the others were sleeping. Unfortunately for me, the primary mouse buttons - the left and the right buttons - were noisier than the G602's.
While it is usually a good thing that the buttons are "clicky" if you are gamer, my wife was not amused by it. She opened up her eyes and scolded me that playing games in the morning would wake up the baby. This didn't happen when I was using the G602 though. (Note that, we all have to sleep in the living room nowadays because it is too cold to sleep elsewhere in the apartment as there is only one heater and it is installed in the living room. Stupid Japanese cheap apartment designs! I guess my monthly salary would reduce by an extra JPY50,000 if we were to live in an apartment with centralized heating. Duh!)
Sadly, I guess if I am to continue playing games while the kid is sleeping, I would have to use the G602. This means, I cannot get over the interface bottleneck, unless I buy another mouse that is not as clicky as the G500. Even then, there are only a few mice that I would want to even consider. The G402 "Hyperion Fury" and the G502 "Proteus Core" from Logitech are my first and second choices. The Mionix Naos 7000 is a good one as well, but it is unavailable here in Japan. But I doubt that those mice are quieter, because they are aimed at gamers and gamers like them loud.
So I guess I will have to give in and use the G602 for the most part. I will try to use the G500 whenever I can though. But chances of that happening are very low. 

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