Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surface Pro or iPad Mini 2/iPad 5 is the question (for 2013).

So it's 2013 and this is a special year for me. I will definitely be purchasing my first tablet this year. After checking out the iPad Mini, I fell in love with the form factor (size and weight) and the performance of the little one. But I still prefer to get a Windows Tablet because media sharing - which is my primary goal - is easiest with a Windows 8 tablet (not a Windows RT tablet btw.)

CES 2013 is currently under way in USA, and people have got their hands on the Microsoft's Surface Pro - not for review purposes unfortunately. Contrary to the previous belief that the big brother would be a heavy, loud and large tablet, it seems it's not that much of a worry. As per this article The Verge posted on their website talking about the initial hands on experience on the Surface Pro which is supposed to come out somewhere around 26th of this month, there is some hope.

But it is not for one handed use. Tablets are not for one handed use anyways - that's for the phones, even though you can do that with an iPad Mini. My initial concern was about two handed use. And noise. Both of which don't seem to be big issues with the initial prototype. 

BTW, I have no use for a Pen. But the Surface Pro comes with one. I wish they gave the touch keyboard instead of the Pen. I probably can live with the 5 hours or so battery life of the Surface Pro. I don't expect to take it out of the house much. But if I went with the iPad Mini, I can do that without any issue. So that's a minus point for the Surface Pro nevertheless.

Oh I forgot one thing. The price and support would pay a big role as well. Right now, unfortunately, the iPad is in the lead to get into our household. Or else, I can make my wife a iSheep and myself a Microsoft Whore. hehehe (That means I will have to give up my iPhone and stop using a phone at all because Softbank doesn't sell any Windows Phones. Dammit!)

Whichever camp I go with, I would be happy with the new gadget. Ciao.

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