Tuesday, January 29, 2013

iOS 6.1 released and untethered jailbreak coming!

Jailbreaking is still legal on the iPhone even though it is not so on the iPad, for some weird reason. Unlocking is also gonna become illegal from 26th of January in the US.
Doesn't matter because I have an iPhone and I don't wanna unlock it - at least not right now.

So, Apple has apparently released iOS 6.1 to the public. There hasn't been a proper jailbreak for the iOS6 and all the hackers had been waiting till 6.1 was released. This is because, finding an exploit in iOS is becoming harder and harder so the hacker community don't wanna release a jailbreak just to find it being patched in 6.1. Apple even employs past Jailbreak hackers to make their software and hardware more secure. We all know how hard it has been to Jailbreak the devices with post A4 chips, right? People with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are getting Jailbreaks and Unlocks almost the next day but people with post-A4 chips like iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have to wait, wait and wait – forever. So securing the hardware has caused a lot of pain in the Jailbreak community.

So the “good guys”" waited till iOS6.1  was released because it is possible that there wont be an iOS6.2. There will probably be 6.1.x though. Doesn’t even matter because you are getting most of it in 6.1. (Let’s hope we won’t see any nasty bugs in iOS6.1)

So, when is the Jailbreak coming? This Sunday, if the rumors are true. Wooohoooo!
Here’s what EverythingApplePro has to say.

What’s great about it is that the Jailbreak is coming to every device. Post A4 devices are not getting the stepmother treatment this time round.

I’m definitely gonna upgrade my iPhone 4S, even if it breaks the unlocking with GeveySim Ultra S. The only reason I didn’t do it is because I cannot use the iPhone anymore without the Jailbreak tweaks. Now, I need an iPhone 5 just for LTE. :/

Isn’t this a cheap birthday present? =]

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