Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NVidia releases R313.96 beta drivers just ahead of Crysis 3 beta

What's the date today fellas? It's 29th of January 2013. It's no other than the Crysis 3 beta release date. (unless you were living in a well.)

NVidia has announced that they are ready for the occasion. They just released R313.95 R313.96 beta drivers which apparently gives 24% 65% higher performance than....R310.90 drivers I suppose. That's what I love about NVidia. They are always one step ahead of the ATI. They know what the gamers want. MOAR FPS! (Wait…ATI is coming up with 13.2 drivers to give you that performance boost.)

NVidia originally released the 313.95 beta drivers but they were pulled because there was a problem with the installer with the international version. They have now uploaded the 313.96 beta drivers that fix this issue. Performance wise, you won't notice any difference.

You can grab the new beta drivers from here:
Download R313.96 beta drivers for Windows Vista/7/8 x64
Download R313.96 beta drivers for Windows Vista/7/8 32bit

(Weird thing was that when I searched for the 32bit drivers on, only the older versions popped up. I got the link from

If you haven't been able to sign up for Crysis 3 beta, the following link has the instructions to do it.
Instructions on how to sign up for Crysis 3 beta.

Good luck people. Have fun tonight/tomorrow depending on which region you are located at. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play it anytime soon. My G500 mouse is acting up all weird.
BTW, I used Geforce Experience application to update the drivers from 313.95 beta to 313.96 beta. =)
Downloading part:
Installation part:
But there is one problem. It would extract the installer to C:\nVidia where as if you were using the regular installer, you could extract to wherever you want. (Especially somewhere other than your SSD.)

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