Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Logitech Gaming Software crashing ATI driver or vise versa

Since you cannot live without the ATI driver, I blame Logitech for being irresponsible. Their *new* Logitech Gaming Software is so buggy. But I have to have it because I use those special 6 buttons on the left hand corner on my G15 keyboard. Logitech’s hardware is good, and so is ATI’s or Creative’s or many others’. Just that their drivers are so lame. Crashes PCs all the time, and people blame poor Microsoft. (Ok, one – they are not poor, two – they have their own faults too)

One of the main issues I had before this clash with the ATI driver was that it would stop working when I resume the PC from standby. How lame?? The LCD would show the G15 logo and nothing would work. I have to kill the lcore.exe (that’s the exe) process and launch it back – every time. The only way to fix it was using a batch file to kill the process and launch the app. Of course, thanks to the Windows Task Scheduler, you could do it automatically. But in your head you know, you are cheating. You are cheating for a company that made crappy software. ugh!

I hardly launch the app anyways, but the last two times I did it, I was playing BF3 and it crashed both the driver and the game. Why does the game has to crash, if the driver gets reloaded? It doesn’t happen with most games. Again, crappy software.

So how did I fix the problem? I went back the legacy software, which is not elegant, but is much more stable. It fixed the problem. Guess what? As a bonus, the standby issue got fixed as well. w00t! Guess Logitech recruited some morons to make things pretty but dumb inside. (Does that remind you of another company like that? Yes, that’s you Apple!)

Glad I fixed it finally. (Mostly the standby issue.)

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