Thursday, November 17, 2011

Passed the 基本情報技術処理試験 (Kihonjouhou Exam)

I thought I will not make it by a very small margin, but I think the marking scheme worked for my advantage this time. (of course I had done a few careless mistakes, otherwise it would not have been this close. )

There are two papers. You have to get more than 60 for both of them. Not the average like you would want. Last time, that is two moths ago, I got 68.75 for morning paper and 54 for afternoon. It was pretty close. This time I got 72.5 for morning paper and 60.5 for afternoon paper. How lucky was that? Only 0.5 above the pass mark. Who cares, right? All I want is the 7000円 pay increment. It doesn't matter whether I got 100/100 or 60/60. I thought today would be such a sad day and was thinking of not trying again if I got failed but destiny wasn't a bitch. ;)


Anyways, this exam is a technical exam and we don't really have to study to pass it, just like we did BIT. (remember, Tharaka?) But the difference is, this is in a language that has more than 50000 letters (not words!). You got to understand what they are asking and you got to understand the answers. (It's an MCQ paper, so there is some chance for the lucky ones)I can't really read much Japanese but that natural instinct plays a big role. "This must be what they are asking..." That is how you answer half of the questions. Luck plays a lot. This time we had questions from Electronics and Network stuff and I did them quickly. So I had enough time to do the rest. I panicked a bit when I saw how fast the time passed. I must have lost some time just for panicking. Not anything new TBH.

Anyways, today I have to celebrate this by sniping some n00bs. XD

Oh crap, I have to cook dinner. Maybe afterwards. Hate cooking. >_>


I got the certificate this Sunday. (11/11/27)



  1. oyi, I studied very hard for BIT. you're the dude who never knew the syllabus ;)

    If those BIT guys know how I did their exams they will either come kill me or commit suicide!

    Anyways, I thought you KNOW japanese. how the hell can one live in Japan without reading stuff in the food or shops? (Or do they post a QR code in each billboard?)

  2. what made you think i can read Japanese??? but i can read more than i can write. i can write like 0.01% of Japanese i bet. :D


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