Thursday, November 3, 2011

Benchmarks of HD6950 (Single and Crossfire) on Battlefield 3

Battlefield_3_Game_CoverSince one guy thought the results the reviewers got in their tests were absurd, I was asked to check how many FPS I got with my rig. So here goes.
This is the footage.

The measuring started from the point where the fast forward part finished. (i.e. the actual game play started) The measuring was done using FRAPS. The PC used is given in this page. 

The final results are comparable to what Techspot got in their review. (However, they have a 10% larger screen and I have a 11% overclock – so actually my score is less than what they got.) However I don’t know which part of the game they tested.
  Single CFX Single CFX
Frames 12494 21246 DNC 21487
Time(ms) 299210 258774 DNC 260194
Min 16 27 DNC 29
Max 72 114 DNC 139
Avg 41.757 82.103 DNC 82.581
DNC: Did not check
Something to note is that I got perfect scaling with my cards. Techspot guys got about 70%. Weird! Could be different drivers, or different part of the game.
Also, the impact of HT seems negligible in the actual gameplay. Maybe because I am not getting 200fps as with the cut scenes. :)

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