Friday, October 9, 2015

Upgraded my Nexus 5 to Android Marshmallow

Android 6.0 which is commonly known as Marshmallow, came out only few days ago and I wasn't expecting to see the OTA for my Nexus 5 anytime soon based on my previous experience with how long gone Google took to push the updates for my device. Hence I was amazed to see the update notification by the time I woke up in the morning.
For whatever reason, my wife's phone used to receive updates sooner than mine but this time mine got the higher priority. It could be because my phone was being used heavily in the last few days because we were traveling overseas and my wife's phone didn't have a SIM card in it. Regardless, I'm glad that my phone received the update first.
Despite the fact that we were supposed to go out and I needed the phone to find my way around and back, I decided to press the update button. It took a little while longer than I'm used to because the Internet connection down here isn't as awesome as the connection back at my apartment, but I had a working system within 30 minutes or so.
So how is it?
From the outside appearance, I don't see anything new. It's same as Lollipop. But Marshmallow isn't supposed to bring any UI enhancements anyways. It is about polishing the rough edges, fixing the bugs to improve stability and enhancing the battery life. None of them can be experienced in such a short time.
Regardless, it would be underwhelming for most users.
I have only seen one issue so far. It's with SwiftKey, the keyboard I use in both Android and iOS. The issue is, the text inscriptions on the keys are too small to read. I'm sure there will be an update to SwiftKey to correct that issue. It is not unusable but the stock Google keyboard is easier to use.
Edit: Swiftkey has fixed the issue as of writing this post. (Before the fix on the left, after the fix on the right)
SwiftKey on Marshmallow
I will surely write about the issues that I encounter while using Marshmallow, if any. As much as I would like to update my blog, I hope i won't go into anything weird while using it.
Edit 2:
Just as I was finishing up the post, my wife’s phone also received the update. I updated it without any second thoughts.

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