Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Switched back to iOS with the iPhone 6


Since the next iPhone release is right around the corner, everyone is offering discounts on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus here in Japan. So I decided to grab one of such opportunities and switch back to iOS. The phones we bought were the 16GB iPhone 6 and not the 6 Plus. The phones were had for about 11% of their original value, which turned out to be ¥8,500 per phone. Would have been great if they were free. Still, I can sell them for like ¥50,000  a piece at the current second hand market price.

We got the Gold one for my wife and Space Grey one for myself. On the way back home, we paid a visit to the Daiso store (a popular 100 Yen shopping chain) and bought screen filters and covers. My wife got a hard cover with a fancy Japanese art and I got a TPU case which looks decent for the Space Grey model. Since I plan to sell them before leaving Japan, I did not want to lose the resale value my scratching the skin.

The carrier we switched to was KDDI AU. Docomo’s monthly charges are high and Softbank would not have worked since Y-Mobile, the carrier that I was using previously uses the same network as Softbank, thus the MNP discounts do not apply. As expected, the phones are SIM locked hence I would have to sell them within Japan anyway.

This is not a permanent switch. I expect to switch back to Y-Mobile or Softbank if they offer a nice deal. Since the phones were bought paying full price, I can sell them anytime. Of course I would have to pay the termination fees. As long as I can sell the phone and recover (actually, make a profit), I'm all good.

I wouldn't be selling the Nexus 5's because despite having issues with Lollipop, they are decent phones and more importantly they are unlocked. I hate the camera though. Feels so good to use a fast camera again.

This is also a great opportunity  for me to test iOS 9 in the coming months. In a year or so, I would most probably switch to iOS depending on the quality of Android M and iOS 9. I would definitely be able to experience Android M since I'm not selling the Nexus 5's.

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