Monday, July 20, 2015

It's 150mm long!

PSU weight

All this time I was under the impression that the Silverstone ST75F-GS PSU that I have in my PC was only 140mm long. Today while searching for a suitable PSU for the SG13, I came to know that it was in fact 150mm long. In addition to that, it actually weighs 2.5kg and not 2.1kg as I thought it was. I don't know how I got misinformed though. I probably was reading the specs of a similar unit from Silverstone.

Wait. That PSU I had been reading specs of, has the same model number. One is 150mm long and weighs 2.5kg. while the other one is 140mm long and weights 2.1kg. Which one do I have? I suppose I should measure mine. (Don’t want to take the PSU off the case, so I will just measure the dimensions – length – of the PSU.)

So the one I have is the 150mm long model. Phew!

This is exciting news!

Even at 2.1kg, it's too heavy for my liking. The PSU I was considering switching to was the SX500-LG, which, according to specifications, weighs only 1.4kg. I thought a decrease of 700g was too small to justify the hassle, but if it is an improvement of 1.1kg, I'm all up for it.
I am not sure if the 2.5kg of the PSU is with or without the cables. If is it without the cables, it is even better because the short cables of the SX500-LG would (should) weigh less. The overall improvement would be larger than 1.1kg. Magnificent.
So, by swapping the PSU and removing the HDD, I would be able to save (hopefully more than) 1.8kg as the Western Digital Green HDD weighs 680g. That would bring the total weight down to 5.2kg from the current 7kg. I can probably lighten up further more by swapping the AIO cooler with the Stock Intel HSF but the savings would be marginal because I will have to keep a 120mm case fan installed in the front to keep things cool.

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