Saturday, June 27, 2015

Uploaded 135GB of data in one day!

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In the last article I wrote how my Toshiba 3TB drive had developed errors and was facing potential death. While I did order new hard drives to replace it, I couldn’t take the risk of losing the important data (photos and videos of Japan, my kid and the wedding along with other important documents), I wanted to upload them to the cloud.

Few months back Microsoft gave away 100GB of free OneDrive storage for 1 year if you were a Dropbox user and I was lucky not to pass on that offer. I even wrote about it on this site.

So my OneDrive miraculously had 140GB of capacity. I decided to make use of that “free” space. First I organized the data I wanted to upload in the different folders, and copied them to the OneDrive folder on the PC. I had to do it in stages, but I finally managed to find about 137GB of high priority data. I synced them and I am glad to say that I could upload all of them to my OneDrive account within the day.


OneDrive status as shown in PC Settings of Windows 8.1

I really love this internet connection!


Up until now, I hardly used OneDrive. I always used Dropbox perhaps because Dropbox had an iOS app before OneDrive did. After all, it is because of Dropbox that I have this 100GB of free storage.

Unfortunately, I would lose the ability to upload after February next year, but as far as I can understand, Microsoft will not delete the data even if I do not buy more storage. I would not be able to edit or add more data. I sure hope I can delete them and make the account functional again. But I hope I would have setup my NAS before that.

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