Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finished the first stage of the SG13 build.

I managed to transfer the components to the SG13 case on last Saturday morning while everyone else was asleep.


It took me about 2 hours to get it up and running. The most difficult part was managing the cables with my 150mm PSU. If it was an SFX PSU or even an SFX-L PSU, I would have enough room. The cables were also quite too long for this build.

Installing the HDD with all those cables was also quite a task. It is very tight in there.

Other photos


Didn't get to play games yet, however 3DMark sent the GPU temps to 74C with a 26.5C ambient. This is with 1500MHz/8000MHz OC though. The CPU is OCed to 4.5GHz @1.21V as well. CPU temps were in the 60s while running the benchmark.

It indeed feels warm when you touch the case, over the PSU and near the front of the GPU. Poor PSU has to take in all that heat.


Most importantly, I measured the total weight of the PC and it turned out to 7.2kg. The SG09 build was 12.5kg and it is a 5.3kg drop already.


Like I mentioned, this is hopefully the first stage. I have more upgrades planned, some of which would lower the weight even further.

Future upgrades:

1. Silverstone SST-SX500-LG PSU

Since I need that 120mm fan on the SFX-L PSU to exhaust the warm air out of the case, I cannot go with a SFX PSU. This is the best I can find at the moment. Hopefully the cables will be shorter as well. With about 1kg lighter than my current PSU, this would make the whole PC even lighter.

2. Going all SSDs

Couple of SSDs on the PSU like how Linux did with his monster mini-ITX rig, as well as a M.2 SSD underneath the motherboard. Would make a NAS and move the HDD to it with few more for redundancy. Not an immediate upgrade though.

3. A better AIO water cooler

One with a  thicker radiator like the H80i. The Kuhler 620 that I currently have in the rig is quite old and not as efficient as the newer models.

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