Thursday, May 28, 2015

Time to claim warranty for the Logitech G602 wireless mouse

We are at it again. Another Logitech mouse needs replacement. This time, it is the middle mouse button. Compared to the last time, when the left mouse button of the G500 completely went dead, this time is not completely dead. It has simply become too stiff to click. I still can hear the click when I press it with a normal force, however the click doesn’t get registered. If I press it harder, it would register.

This is not the first time it happened and last time, it miraculously recover all by itself. In fact, it has already recovered this time as well. But I don’t want to deal with this issue every now and then. So it is time for me to ask them for a replacement. I don’t want to click the button twice to close Chrome tabs or more importantly, throw grenades at the enemies in Crysis 3.

However this time, I think it is not entirely Logitech’s fault. It probably is partially the kid’s fault. He drops it on the floor regularly. But the floor is carpeted so it shouldn’t hurt the mouse much. But it surely must have an impact.

Although this is the closest reason for going ahead with the RMA, there is couple of other issues as well. Firstly, the side thumb buttons – at least the top row – seems to have sunken into the mouse. So they are difficult to click, especially when playing Crysis 3 where the margin for error is very slim.

Secondly, the teflon feet underneath the mouse have worn off. It is OK on a hard surface, but cannot be used on a cloth surface like the Steelseries QCK mouse pads.

So it was about time I RMAed the mouse. Hence, I contacted Logicool Customer Support the day before yesterday about it. They got back to me asking for further details - not about the issues, but about my name, contact details and captures of the invoice. I sent back the details they requested yesterday and today I received an email from them saying that they will send out a new unit to my address on the 29th, that is tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to use the new mouse during the weekend. Happiness!

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